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What We Do?

We Connect Lot & Land Buyers With Lot & Land Sellers



Will You Please Consider Selling Your Vacant Lot or Land to Help Meet These Objectives:

  • #1 Priority Low income – Moderate income – High-income housing
  • Help us help Teachers – First Responders – First-Time Home Buyers
  • CALIFORNIA LAND BANK™ is seeking property partnerships between lot and landowners and builder/developers to construct affordable housing to meet State & County mandates
  • Sellers may be interested in selling their property because they may not ever develop the property.
  • Some sellers choose selling and investing proceeds in higher ROI opportunities like high interest "Certificates of Deposit" (CD's) accounts
  • Local, County & State programs (RHNA) (AMBAG) need vacant lot sellers to help meet the housing shortage needs
  • We also Connect Commercial Ag landowners with Commercial Ag farmers
  • California Land Bank™ also knows of several agricultural properties for lease - please inquire

Connecting Lot & Land Sellers
With Buyers / Developers


California State Mandated Programs

California Land Bank™ was created to seek out those vacant lots and land parcels that have been identified by:

RHNA - Regional Housing Needs Allocation

AMBAG - Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments
for Santa Cruz, Monterey & San Benito Counties

Specific Properties have been identified as lots and parcels that meet the criteria set forth by RHNA & AMBAG, offering an easier path to building permits and associated processes. We can let you know if your property is one of them. It will add value to your property

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