6 Reasons to Move to Aptos

6 Reasons to Move to Aptos

Drive an hour south down from San Jose, and you’ll reach beautiful Aptos, a breathtaking coastal region in Santa Cruz County. Aptos encompasses Aptos Village, Seascape, Seacliff, and Rio Del Mar, each with its distinctive charms and allure.

There’s a wealth of reasons to consider purchasing Aptos real estate, but let’s get started with the top six:

1. Adventure can become a way of life

Hiking beneath the canopy can have immeasurable health effects. Research published in the Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine Journal demonstrates that being in a forest or other natural area can lower a person’s blood pressure, pulse rate, and cortisol levels.

In Aptos, the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park offers endless opportunities for forest exploration, with 30 miles of soothing, inspiring trails. Enter the park, and you can imagine yourself in an earlier era, where notifications and pressing demands on your attention become a thing of the past. Ferns carpet the hills in this stunning landscape, and the shade of redwoods blocks out the intensity of the sun, providing you with cool comfort even as you engage in strenuous exercise.

Even if you’re not quite ready to hit the trails, you can still practice forest adventures at many other scenic sites around Aptos, immersing yourself in the beauty of our area’s tree-lined streets and parks. A great deal of Aptos real estate is nestled among the trees, offering breathtaking views and meditative bliss.

2. Beach, beach, and more beach

Yes, it’s actually a three-in-one reason to move to Aptos.

Aptos is nestled into a scenic, stunning piece of the Pacific coast. It’s triple the fun and relaxation here, with three beautiful beaches from which to choose.

Seacliff State Beach is a public beach featuring a prominent view of a historical concrete ship. The ship was built for World War 1, but it was never used in the war; instead, it was turned into a docked entertainment facility in the 1930s. Although the ship is no longer open to visitors, it’s fascinating to behold, jutting out of the rushing waves as a remnant of the past.

Rio Del Mar State Beach features miles and miles of clean sand to lounge and enjoy your free time. You’ll feel like you’ve reached paradise here, listening to the seagulls, walking with bare feet among the tides, and wandering around under the pier. It’s typically uncrowded here, so you won’t have to wind through a maze of beach chairs to reach the waves.

New Brighton State Beach is another gorgeous spot, with its southern half nestled within the smooth curve of the Aptos coastline. Mature trees top the sandstone cliffs, and camping is available nearby. Over 100 campsites on offer make it easy to have a staycation only minutes from home.

3. Unique homes (with custom features) await

It’s simply impossible to describe Aptos as “cookie cutter,” thanks to its unique and distinctive collection of homes. The Aptos real estate landscape features many well-established residences with architecturally-pleasing details, such as exposed beams, marble fireplaces, spiral staircases, picture windows, and more.

Many homes in the area also include features that enhance the feeling of connectedness with the natural world. Interior finishes, such as natural stone, wood, and brick, make these structures feel well-integrated with their surroundings. In addition, skylights, terraces, and decks make it easy to enjoy the sunlight and scenery on a beautiful day.

4. The food is spectacular

You might consider yourself a foodie, or you might just enjoy a good meal. Either way, you’ll discover plenty of tantalizing options in the Aptos region.

Companion Bakeshop is a special stop for freshly-baked breads, pastries, pies, and more. Their fresh lunch offerings also serve up the “wow” factor, with sandwiches and exquisite toasts utilizing local produce and more as toppings.

Pino Alto Restaurant is the student-run facility out of Cabrillo College in which chefs-in-training learn how to be masters of their craft. The food receives incredibly high grades from its patrons, with inventive menus at the forefront of culinary creativity.

The Hideout perfectly encapsulates the refined yet relaxed feeling of the Aptos area. Its “California cool” area for outdoor dining is set with wide, comfortable tables and earth-tone umbrellas for sunny days.

5. The community is warm and welcoming

The people in Aptos are a joy: friendly, considerate, and attentive. Although Aptos isn’t far from multiple large metropolitan areas, it truly captures the feeling of a tight-knit community. Neighbors often get to know each other, and you will likely learn the names of your favorite employees at your favorite establishments. 

6. You don’t have to go far to find something new

There’s a high amount of fascinating things to do in the Aptos area, with plenty of adventures to be enjoyed nearby.

Noble Harvest Farm is a lavender farm that is a treat to the senses, with rows upon rows of beautiful purple flowers releasing their gorgeous scent. Lavender products are sold here, and for a few weeks each summer, members of the public can purchase tickets for “field trips” into the fields, to pick their own flowers and take photos as well.

At Morning Sun Ranch, experienced and novice horse riders can hone their skills with caring, compassionate owners who take the time to treat animals and people well.

Seascape Golf Club is a challenging 18-hole course surrounded by eucalyptus trees. This course is open to the public year-round, and players enjoy the challenge of using multiple types of clubs to tee off at different holes.

Aptos Village County Park hosts special events throughout the year, including a blues festival, a gourmet foods benefit event, and more. You can also create your own adventure here, with its expansive lawn ideal for activities, such as lawn bocce, outdoor yoga, and more.

If you’re looking for a top-tier Aptos real estate expert for your next move, reach out to Zech Real Estate Specialists. This professional team is ready to make your purchasing journey as smooth as possible. Thanks to their unwavering sense of dedication and loyalty to their clients, you can count on them for guidance every step of the way when purchasing Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

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