A Complete Guide to Living in Monterey County

A Complete Guide to Living in Monterey County

The bustling county of Monterey has been a popular destination over the years for a number of reasons. Whether it's the picturesque beauty of the bay and its abundance of aquatic wildlife, or the seemingly countless recreational and entertainment spots, both residents and tourists alike have been flocking to the area for adventure and amenities.

If you’re considering looking at Monterey County real estate for your new home, the pros at Zech Real Estate Specialists will work to paint a vivid picture of what life is like in this thriving part of California. Read on for a guide to what makes Monterey County so desirable.

Monterey County is home to numerous parks and other spots for outdoor enthusiasts

If the pandemic unified the country in any singular way, it was getting folks outdoors at rates not seen in previous generations. State and national park attendance swelled to record numbers, and outdoor recreation spots are still being used by a great number of enthusiasts today. With so many people now acclimated to enjoying the remarkable wonders of nature, areas with an abundance of outdoor amenities are highly sought-after among many homebuyers.

If being active in the great outdoors is high on your priority list, you will not be disappointed in a move to Monterey County. The Los Padres National Forest, which extends from Ventura to Monterey, features more than 1.75 million acres and 300 miles of hiking trails suitable for hikers of any level. Some of these trails are perfect for day-long fun. Plus, if camping is more your speed, there are trails that will take days to traverse. The park also has lakes and streams for fishing and is home to some of the best hunting spots in the area.

Pinnacles National Park is also found in Monterey County. A popular park for birding and spotting other wildlife, Pinnacles is the perfect place to camp out and enjoy the rugged trails as you view the beauty that nature has bestowed.

Many might not be aware that Monarch butterflies make their winter home in Monterey County. While they can be found in several locations in the area, the Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary is the most popular. They begin to arrive in Monterey County every October, with many of the butterflies staying for up to six months.

Life in Monterey County is ideal for families with children of any age

While it can sometimes be challenging to find fun and constructive activities for children, those who make Monterey County their home typically do not have this issue. The area is home to a seemingly countless number of places that are both kid-friendly and fun — there is no shortage of opportunities to entertain your child or teenager.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium contains more than 550 forms of aquatic life, just waiting for your child to discover. For those who might want a more active adventure outdoors, the Old Fisherman’s Wharf is an excellent spot to whale watch or view the sea lions that call the coast home.

The Monterey Zoo is a fun spot for people of any age. From big cats to bears, rhinos, and reptiles, you’ll find that the zoo is the perfect place for educational opportunities as well as animal viewing.

This is the place to be if you love the beach!

Beach lovers will revel in the fact that Monterey County has a fantastic shoreline. And there’s so much of it! In fact, there are nearly 100 miles of beach in Monterey County, lending to most of the various types of beach-goers.

The coastal activities aren’t just limited to soaking up the sun’s rays or taking a swim in the ocean, either. There are waterfalls plunging from coastal cliffs, tide pools to observe various fauna and terrific places to whale watch. You’ll also find various locations for scuba diving, like McAbee Beach.

Many of Monterey County’s beaches are also pet-friendly, meaning that your furry family members are welcome to join you on your coastal adventures. Be sure to take them out to Asilomar State Beach or Carmel River State Beach for the afternoon and stay to see stunning sunsets.

Social butterflies will fit right into the active nightlife in Monterey County

Monterey County is also known for its wide variety of great restaurants, lively nightclubs, and energetic music venues. If you’re the type who loves to go out in the evening and mingle, you won’t be disappointed in the area’s nightlife scene.

There are numerous craft breweries in Monterey County, many of which participate in the annual Monterey Beer Festival each summer.

The historic downtown in Monterey offers too many restaurants to count, giving you great options that cover a diverse amount of cuisines. The storied Cannery Row is also a top spot for nightlife, giving social butterflies dozens of bars, clubs, and other places to gather with friends or meet new people.

Monterey County is a shopper’s dream

Those who love to shop will not be disappointed with their choices in Monterey County. The big-box stores you’re familiar with have a solid presence, but there is also a wide variety of locally owned and operated retail shops and galleries to fit any taste and budget. The Barnyard is one such spot that’s long been a favorite among residents. The open-air shopping district is a great mix of various types of retail, peppered with some of the best eateries in the county. If you’re looking for more upscale shopping, Carmel Plaza offers many luxury retail spots to explore.

Put your trust in a local real estate professional

The expert partners at Zech Real Estate Specialists have a storied reputation for knowing the Monterey County real estate market inside and out. If you are considering a closer look at Monterey County homes for sale or Commercial Real Estate, let this top-tier team find the perfect one for you and your family.

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